SoulSounds Baby Sleep

SoulSoundsBaby Sleep App

Available for IPhone, Ipad, MacM1 and Android Smartphones.

The perfect app for moms and newborn photographers who need to calm down their babies.

Have you ever faced the situation where your baby couldn’t sleep as fast as you wish? Or maybe s/he is crying and you don’t know what to do?

SoulSounds Baby Sleep (Back to Womb) brings the sounds from the womb for the perfect relax moments of your baby!

Your angel stayed inside the womb for the major part of his life.

The magic can happen when your baby listens the same comforting sound again.

Who doesn’t like to feel the “home sweet home” pleasure?

Give the app a try with your baby and get surprised how the full customisation can make you both have a wonderful relax and sleep moment.

Baby Sleep Back to Womb app offers 4 sounds to compose your unique Womb Sound.
slide your fingers up or down to customize the volumes for your baby!
Setup a timer and the sounds will stop when you program.
Customize background, Save up to 3 mixing presets and change Womb liquids. Everything to perfect your and your baby’s experiences.
Enjoy your dark room with the Dark Mode. Tap the screen to access the app controls whenever you want.

The only application with fully customizable womb sounds.

★ 4 combined sounds.
★ 4 background colours and images
★ Custom Timer to turn off automatically
★ Dark Mode to keep the lights of the room off.
★ 2 Womb Liquid Sounds to choose from

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