SoulSounds Binaural Sounds

SoulSoundsRelax and Sleep App

Available for IPhone, Ipad, MacM1 and Android Smartphones.

Nervous? Agitated? Difficult to sleep? Snoring mate? Studying or working in a noisy environment?


SoulSounds comes to help with an immersive binaural sound technology for relaxing experiences that will improve your sleep, study, work or relax moment.


You will have a unique experience with a selection of the best sounds that will teleport you to the most relaxing environments.

★ Exclusive high quality 2D and 3D binaural sounds
★ Improve sleep quality with Real 3D sounds
★ Fully Customizable Mood
★ Simple and beautiful design
Timer mode – Turn off the sound automatically
★ Beautiful customizable background images
★ Customizable Hearing Loss Compensation
★ Customizable mixer tuning with simultaneous sounds
★ Inhale – Exhale system for full meditation experience

Some amazing features of the full app:

Control sounds volume by sliding up and down in each “slot”.
Tap circle and follow the guides to Inhale and Exhale while you listen to the sounds and practice your meditation.
We lose our full hearing capability since the day we are born. The app will help to bring the sounds forgotten in time for those who already suffer some hearing loss.
Set your timer and enjoy the sounds till you fall asleep, for example.
People are different, so that’s why you’ll be able to configure the sound mix at your own taste and save up to 3 different settings.
Hit the Surprise Me! button and you’ll get different mixes every time. Save the ones you like or tweak them for your taste.
Enjoy your dark room with the Dark Mode. Tap the screen to access the app controls whenever you want.

The only application with fully customizable binaural 3D experience.

★ Refreshing Rain
★ Quiet water
★ Sea Waves
★ Birds
★ Crickets Night
★ Relax Piano Music
★ Much More

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