Build and Photograph in 3D.

Photo Maker

Photo Maker - Virtual Photography Simulator


Photo Maker is a comprehensive virtual photography simulator, based on 3D scenes, like in a videogame.
It receive not only one, but two Epic MegaGrants as one of the projects selected for standing out in the world.


  • Comprehensive list and simulation of real-world cameras.
  • Real-world lenses simulations like Parfocal and varifocal lenses, vignetting, Barrel Distortion, Chromatic Abberation.
  • Simulation of Prime and Zoom lenses with fixed or variable aperture.
  • Simulation of Lighting gear with flashes, flood light, modifiers, gels, etc. 
  • 3D Environments to practice, teach or explore.
  • Built-in gamified learning system.
  • Build your own scenarios.
  • Studio or Outdoors with Natural Lighting Simulation.


Development in Unreal Engine with Real-Time Global Illumination capablity.

Photo Maker - Virtual Photography Simulator - Lighting Gear
Pletora of lights and light modifiers to choose from, with more coming soon.
Photo Maker - Virtual Photography Simulator - Studio Photography
Virtual Studio Photography with models and expensive gear available 24/7. Couldn't be easier, right?
Photo Maker - Virtual Photography Simulator - Jurassic Park Playground
A Jurassic Park Playground with Assignments is part of the learning content inside Photo Maker.
Photo Maker - Virtual Product Photography
Virtual Product Photography with realistic simulation of flashes, cameras and lenses.
Easily change the time of the day, cloud coverage and weather condition. Use your location to simulate real-world sun movements.
Virtual photo session with octabox simulation for photographic flash.
Photo Maker - Virtual Photography Simulator - Travel Photography. Christ Redeemer and Stonehenge.
Travel Photography is also covered with some unique landmarks or monuments at your disposal. No crowd guaranteed!